Why Book With Us?

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Why choose a trip on MV Atlas? There are many reasons why an “Atlas Experience” in Gwaii Haanas might be right for you:

Travel in small groups – we only book up to six guests. This means that we are more flexible and can design tours around what you want to do. Our trips are fun and relaxed, and beach walks, hikes and tours of village sites are always more enjoyable in smaller groups.

Experience Gwaii Haanas by air and by sea – there is no retracing your steps. We fly guests in or out of Rose Harbour (located at the southern tip of the archipelago), travelling on MV Atlas in one direction through Gwaii Haanas. This means you have more time to stop and explore, fish, visit and have adventures. You also see where you’ve been (or where you are going) by air – an amazing perspective and ideal way to begin or end your trip.

Travel in comfort and style MV Atlas is an elegant and seaworthy vessel. She has two staterooms and spacious salon quarters. Her mahogany interior is classic and comfortable, and her large windows allow for maximum wildlife and scenery viewing.

Kayak throughout Gwaii Haanas – The kayak mothership approach allows for all the benefits of touring in a kayak, without the challenges of uncooperative weather, time and distance trade-offs, and dehydrated camping food. We can also show you some of the best spots for exploring the nooks and crannies of Gwaii Haanas coastline.

Be a part of the experience – Our trips are designed to be hands-on and participatory. Everyone pitches in and helps out, which results in a great learning experience and allows for more time to go to village sites, kayak and explore.

Meet great crew – Our friendly and knowledgeable captains are there to make this the trip of your lifetime – a responsibility we take very seriously! We are all local, and we know Gwaii Haanas as our backyard. We are passionate about our home and look forward to sharing our local knowledge with you.