Who We Are

Rigg Nickerson Family

We are a small family-owned and operated business on Haida Gwaii. Captain James Nickerson was born and raised in Queen Charlotte, and grew up in a fishing family that spent every summer on the water – counting salmon returning to streams and providing passage for some of the very first visitors to Gwaii Haanas after it was established as a National Park Reserve in the mid-1980s. James knows this archipelago. He has navigated the islands from north to south and east to west. Let us share the special spots that a lifetime of exploration has uncovered.

James has run organized tours in Gwaii Haanas for over a decade. He has worked for multiple operators over the years and knows what works and what doesn’t. Based on that knowledge, we have built our own business to offer you the best of the best.

James’ wife Catherine also helps operate the business, assisting with tour organization and keeping guests informed and connected to Haida Gwaii. At the same time, she works for the Council of the Haida Nation as a marine planner on the Haida Oceans Technical Team. This work provides valuable insight into how to achieve more responsible oceans management, strengthen cultural and traditional use, and build a sustainable marine-based economy on Haida Gwaii. James and Catherine also have two young sons, Hunter and Quinten, and live in the community of Tlell year-round.

We employ several local island residents to help us out during the busy tour season. Our team includes an office assistant and occasional relief captains. We only hire people who have extensive experience in (and knowledge of) Gwaii Haanas and Haida Gwaii, and who understand what it takes to provide a fantastic tour for visitors.

Our tours are for people who want to learn, participate, laugh, and explore Gwaii Haanas. MV Atlas was designed for comfort and style – balancing the charm of a classic boat with the design of a pilothouse trawler. She is the perfect vessel for an adventure on Haida Gwaii.

We are local, Haida Gwaii is our home. Our tours build on that experience and passion, and our business benefits the islands’ economy because we live, work and raise our family on Haida Gwaii.

Our company name is Fife Point Enterprises (BC Business#: BC0856750), established in 2009. We are a licensed tour operator with quota issued by the Gwaii Haanas Archipelago Management Board. We also belong to the Gwaii Haanas Tour Operators Association.