When We Go

We’ve just posted our 2019 schedule! Please scroll down for details.



TRIP 1 May 9th – May 15th Southbound BOOKED
TRIP 2    May 16th – May 22nd Northbound BOOKED
TRIP 3 May 23rd – May 29th Southbound BOOKED
TRIP 4 May 30th – June 5th Northbound BOOKED
TRIP 5 June 7th – June 13th Southbound BOOKED
TRIP 6 June 14th – June 20th Northbound BOOKED
TRIP 7 June 27th – July 3rd Southbound BOOKED
TRIP 8 July 4th – July 10th Northbound BOOKED
TRIP 9 July 11th – July 17th Southbound BOOKED
TRIP 10 July 18th – July 24th Northbound BOOKED
TRIP 11 July 26th – August 1st Southbound BOOKED
TRIP 12 August 2nd – August 8th Northbound BOOKED
TRIP 13** August 14th – August 21st West Coast BOOKED
TRIP 14 August 22nd – August 28th Northbound BOOKED
TRIP 15 August 29th – September 4th Southbound BOOKED
TRIP 16 September 5th – September 11th Northbound BOOKED

** Special West Coast trip for the adventurous! Please contact us for details.

We will pick you up (southbound trips) or drop you off (northbound trips) wherever you are staying in the Village of Queen Charlotte or Skidegate. Please note that trips begin at 8 am the first day and end the morning after the last day (for example, on Trip #1 you return to Queen Charlotte the morning of May 16th).

When you are booking your flight or ferry to/from Haida Gwaii, we highly recommend not booking your outbound flight on the day you return to Queen Charlotte because the unexpected (eg, weather or flight delays) could potentially result in you missing your connection. If the flight from Rose Harbour is delayed we are not responsible for costs associated with re-scheduling other travel arrangements.



TRIP 1 May 8th – May 14th Southbound 6 spaces
TRIP 2    May 15th – May 21st Northbound 6 spaces
TRIP 3 May 22nd – May 28th Southbound 4 spaces
TRIP 4 May 29th – June 4th Northbound 6 spaces
TRIP 5 June 6th – June 12th Southbound 6 spaces
TRIP 6 June 13th – June 19th Northbound 6 spaces
TRIP 7 June 26th – July 2nd Southbound 6 spaces
TRIP 8 July 3rd – July 9th Northbound 6 spaces
TRIP 9 July 10th – July 16th Southbound 6 spaces
TRIP 10 July 17th – July 23rd Northbound 2 spaces
TRIP 11 July 25th – July 31st Southbound 6 spaces
TRIP 12 August 1st – August 7th Northbound 4 spaces
TRIP 13** August 13th – August 20th West Coast 6 spaces
TRIP 14 August 21st – August 27th Northbound 6 spaces
TRIP 15** August 28th – September 4th West Coast 6 spaces
TRIP 16 September 5th – September 11th Northbound 6 spaces