Food & Beverages

Dinner Spread2

MV Atlas is fully stocked with tasty, scrumptious food for main meals and snacks along the way. We often enjoy fresh seafood, and are flexible depending on the day and the desires of the group. Our trips are hands-on, and guests help prepare food (sous-chef duties only) and clean-up. This participatory approach means that we all work as a team, and it regularly results in delicious dishes and great friendships.

One evening is spent ashore in Rose Harbour, site of a former whaling station on Kunghit Island, and the jumping off point for SGang Gwaay Llnagaay (Anthony Island, Ninstints). Susan Cohen, Rose Harbour resident and a member of Captain James’ extended “family” (he spent many of his early years at Rose Harbour), hosts us in her cosy cottage for a dinner you will never forget. Susan’s garden impresses even the most accomplished gardeners and her memorable meals are a culinary delight.


For guests who are keen on freshly caught seafood, we ask that you bring a valid Fisheries and Oceans recreational (saltwater) fishing license. The cost of our trips does not include fish caught by Atlas crew due to Fisheries and Oceans regulations. But we’re happy to help you try your hand at fishing, and if you catch fish, crab, or prawns, we can share it together. It all works out and we generally enjoy the fruits of the ocean, along with fresh vegetables that are re-stocked for each trip. Fresh baking – courtesy of Sheila Wigmore (famous for her baking wizardry on Haida Gwaii, and who also happens to be James’ mum) – is delivered fresh to the boat at the beginning of each trip. Everyone enjoys her muffins and homemade loaves of bread in the morning.

Of course, vegetarians are always welcome and provided for. We are also happy to accommodate any allergies or other food preferences.

We have a selection of white and red wine but our cellar is not endless. If you have a favourite wine (or enjoy beer or spirits) you are welcome to bring them along. Our policy is to allow alcohol consumption in moderation once the anchor is down and we are safely settled for the evening.